Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maya Burial Tomb Excavation!

Maya tomb picture - wall murals lining entrance

For the first time a research team was able to enter a Mayan burial tomb that was discover in 1999. It is located in Palenque, Mexico a powerful political center for the Mayan’s from A.D. 500 to 700. The tomb was painted red, a significant color to the Mayan’s. Like this tomb it was very common for other Maya tombs to be painted red. Maya people made human sacrifices to their gods and the color red represents blood, which was considered a sacred life force. Inside the tomb eleven vessels and some pieces of jade were found. On the tomb's wall there is a painting of the Palenque King who was called Snake Jaguar. The other paintings on the walls are thought to be the different royal ancestors of the tomb's occupant. There are a total of nine figures painted on the walls. It is suggested that the tomb occupant may be royal because Palenque royal tombs also have a theme of nine painted ancestor figures. It is to soon to tell who exactly was buried in the tomb and why until further excavations are made. Below is a picture of one of the painted figures that are on the walls. This figure is thought to be the King Snake Jaguar. 

Maya king picture - Snake Jaguar depicted on tomb wall

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