Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tomb of Maya Queen Found

The small alabaster jar above is believed to depict a great Maya warrior Queen who's grave was recently discovered in Guatemala. Found in the ruins of the city's main temple, and the ancient city of El Peru- Waka'. During an excavation led by archaeologist Freidel. The queen has been identified as Lady K'abel, or better known as 'Centipede'. Although the remains (below) leave the Queens gender and exact age a mystery, the offerings that she was buried with lead fact to her stature.

Lady K'abel was buried with various offerings of vessels, jewelry, and stone figurines. 
Mayan hieroglyphs were found on the back of a vessel offering which was discovered to be the names "Lady Water Lily Hand" and "Lady Snake Lord". Both believed to refer to the Queen, who's Empire Building 'Kan' is also known as  "Snake" dynasty.
A red-spine oyster shell found on the remains torso, also leads truth to the tombs owner. It was common for the Queens of El Peru- Waka' to embellish their clothing with shells. Above all else, the skulls pronounced features are said to represent the stern- looking Queen

After research, Professor David Stuart stated, "It's difficult to identify "who's who in royal tombs, unless they literally write it on the wall." Nevertheless, "for this find, I think there's a fair chance it's her," 

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